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Broadway Plastic Surgery

The interest behind plastic surgery.

What should prevail is the health and well-being of our patients.

In their article, they claim to be the voice of the thousands of patients mutilated by other respectable doctors (who are also their colleagues) experts in different disciplines and techniques.
Interestingly, patients with serious malpractice problems of plastic surgeons,
Broadway Plastic Surgery who have undergone reconstructive plastic surgeries and have been left with real deformations in their faces and bodies, also arrive in our offices.
They have had the good fortune of being able to come alive, as the percentage of deaths that occur in plastic surgery interventions, according to , the national library of medicine in the United States, reveals that the procedures performed by plastic surgeons do not they are exempt from complications that lead to a considerable number of deaths and hospital transfers, while in our practices it is practically nil.

Broadway Plastic Surgery

The doctors Suarez and Montoya, critical plastic surgeons, assert without investigating or investigating, nor knowing what aesthetic medicine and cosmetic surgery are, and who the serious professionals who practice it are.

They rush to discredit our efforts to form an association that includes professional, trained and respectable associates willing to practice our profession in the field of ethics and legality.

In our case, we are not the ones we wanted to organize; We can show our titles that accredit us and our day-to-day delivery with patients. We have also gone through long days of study, training and training that they in their article obviate and only exalt theirs.

Probably, the seriousness and organization that we are achieving with our effort have intimidated and worried them. To show a button: the new organization of the First Central American Day of Updating of Aesthetic Physiological Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery, whose leading exponent was Dr. Fischer, inventor of liposuction. To the surprise of many, this great doctor and inventor is NOT a plastic surgeon and is not any “villa” as the defendant called us.