How To Make More denver hair transplant By Doing Less

This is Ryan his patient what I’m going to show you denver hair transplant today is beginning growth brain is just one month out we just want to coverage him a little bit because he really doesn’t sea whole lot of change from when he first came to the door which is normal you don’t really see much of a change for four to six months but this is a tool that we use to show that yes there are hairs growing usually quite a bit sot his is times magnification you can see on the screen the actual leaves of my shirt and I’m going to Ryan scalp and show you his new growths stay out of the way the screen we’re going to Ryan’s hairline his frontal hairline we transplant doctor both and transplant this whole area of laws from front the two areas that are exposed where he’s thinning and balding and the back so let’s go into that frontal hairline look on the screen and see his new hairs that are starting to grow sole’s focus in here those short little hairs that you see just emerging from a scalp of brand-new transplanted hair sand he’s actually got a lot of new growth from a fella that is a beard length

denver hair transplant

They’re they’re not really doing anything because they don’t have their length #Facebook they don’t have their with the maturation is not complete but it will continue to improve over these next month’s okay that TVs got the cold through what’s up Wow look at that look at all that hair yeah all right here okay picks side right or left love it by a lot up cool high side exactly towards the back wall I dunno so take a look at this before image and then use the after image a pretty serious transformation today I’m going to share the process so we’re back at David Roman and I’m bringing to you today their hair loss solution it’s really interesting and something that Haven’t really seen before there are companies that do sell home solutions but to be honest.