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The following program may contain scenes that may be disturbing to some viewers viewer discretion is advised a special year-long Marketplace investigation undercover inside nursing homes families search for the truth has long-term care reach the crisis point oh we’re way past that I think we’ve been in crisis for years as if this happened in a daycare that take care of you shut down in five minutes.

How to fight for better care on your marketplace one of these men will soon be dead a violent attack inside a nursing home against year old Meyer Immanuel | Assisted Living – Senior Living Services – Christ-Centered it’s caught on security video video the home kept hidden from Myers family it’s shocking it’s it’s a horror movie Diane miles and Francis are his sisters you get a phone call I got a phone call and what did they say I that Meyer had two phones it would take months after the attack after Myers death for his sister’s to see the video and learn the truth.

I started crying hysterically and I thought I can’t they said they can explain everything dollars but it they’ll explain it so I said there’s nothing to explain it’s fairly clear what happened with between Meyer and this resident how am I your ended up dead what happened to Meyer is not isolated in Ontario it’s why we’re heading inside nursing homes because violence is on the rise resident assaults have doubled in just six years from for a day to now almost a shocking increase and we want to know why so we’re visiting homes with some of the highest reported rates of abuse and neglect we arrived in time to rescue.

This woman her wheelchair hooked on a flowerpot it’s minus and that woman that resident of a long-term care facility is stuck outside oh my god Miranda worked in long-term care for seven years we have no idea how long she was out there before we found her there’s no excuse for that now she runs an association for personal support workers did you see how they jumped up when you guys went in there and so there’s someone outside he needs help because Oh oops oops can go bad when it’s minus oops can go bad very quickly at a different nursing home in London Ontario we over here workers warn that care is suffering no time for proper baths.